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Chimney & Stove Services - Chimney Sweep Myrtle Beach SC

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Chimney & Stove Services

Located in Myrtle Beach SC, our chimney & stove services specialize in cleanings and inspections, new appliance installation, relining, minor masonry repairs, and vent & chimney certification for solid fuel burning appliances as required by insurance or code enforcement.


Chimney Inspections  (Myrtle Beach SC and surrounding area) 

Inspections for a chimney & stove consist of a level I or II Inspection as proscribed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

A level I inspection is the most common and is conducted with each sweep.  This includes inspecting readily accessible areas of your chimney & stove, verifying that the venting system is sound and clear of combustibles, confirm unobstructed flue, verifies proper chimney & stove clearances to combustibles, general condition of chimney & stove or vent and connector suitability.

A level II inspections is performed whenever there is a chimney fire, new appliance installed, and before purchasing a home. This requires everything from level I inspection including a thorough internal inspection of the flue with a chimney camera.


Chimney Sweep (Myrtle Beach SC and surrounding area) starting at $99.99

Most of our chimney & stove cleanings occur from the inside and are done with a  vacuum keeping your home dust free.  Drop cloths are placed in front of the fireplace or stove.  The firebox and chimney are swept with rotary cleaning and/or brushes.  A level 1 inspection is conducted and documented on your service and maintenance report.  This report will include pictures taken of your chimney and flue.


New Appliance Installation 

New wood, coal, and pellet appliance installations are among one of our services. We can professionally install your new unit  for maximum comfort in your home.


Chimney Relining/Pre-fabricated Chimney

One of the most common things we find in our inspections is that the clay chimney liner has begun to crack and crumble or the galvanized metal liner has begun to corrode and rust. When this happens, it can seriously impede air flow and draft, and allow heat and byproducts (like acidic deposits and carbon monoxide) to access masonry, nearby combustibles and your family’s air supply.

We reline flues with stainless steel or install a prefabricated chimney because of its durability and versatility. Whether you have a wood, pellet, coal or gas-burning appliance, a stainless steel liner can take the abuse for years and years.


Vent & Chimney Certifications $99.99

If an appliance is modified/replaced or if a chimney fire occurred, the property owner must verify the chimney is safe for use.  We provide the documentation required by your insurance company and local code enforcement office.

By putting our signature on the chimney documentation, we declare that the chimney/vent and appliance is installed properly and safe to operate. We certify that the chimney and vent are properly sized and lined for the appliance’s installation.  This inspection is conducted with a hands-on inspection as well as documented through pictures of the appliance and condition of the flue.


Other services:

Video Chimney Inspection                                                                   Replace damaged refractory

Installation of top damper                                                                    Repointing/small masonry work

Diagnose and correct smoking and draft problems                            Chimney weather proofing Relining

Equipment for sweeping from the bottom

Chimney & Stove equipment for sweeping from the bottom